Installing a Netgear Router at Home

September 27, 2008

Last year my husband and I decided to install a wireless network to allow us both to have access to the Internet simultaneously. We purchased a Netgear® wireless router and a Toshiba® laptop computer with wireless access already built in.

First, we configured our Dell® desktop computer to accommodate the Netgear® router. As we were installing the router, we encountered one problem with the Microsoft® windows firewall, which prompted a phone call to the Netgear® company. As we explained the problem to the customer service representative at Netgear® , we were immediately told how to make the necessary adjustments to handle the problem of the firewall settings. We reset the firewalls according to the instructions provided from the Netgear®technician, and it worked perfectly. We then turned on the Toshiba® laptop, entered the password to gain access to the Netgear® router, and voila, we were surfing the Internet.

We are now able to surf the Internet from any room inside the house, as well as, from the patio, and have had no problems with disconnections. Our experience with setting up this wireless network has increased our comfort level with several technological devices. We did consider other brands and compared costs, before we decided on our Netgear® router. Subsequently, we have made other enhancements to our home networking system, such as installing an additional external storage device, software, and other peripheral devices. My husband and I are doing some comparative shopping for an external hard drive to store our digital photographs we have been compiling from our travels. More and more my husband and I are becoming informed technology buyers.

View a video on installing a router.

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One Response to “Installing a Netgear Router at Home”

  1. tchrwannab2 Says:

    I have never heard of the brand Netgear, I use a Linksys wireless router and cable modem. It seems you had really good sucess getting everything set up and installed currectly. Who do you have your wireless internet with? I have been pretty happy with Verizon except for the problems I have encountered at my current apartment complex. Overall, I would don’t think I would go back to dial-up internet after seeing the difference in a wireless internet.

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