Work and the Common Access Card

September 14, 2008

Day in the Life of working with computer hardware. My work day begins with getting access to the building where I am employed. I use a Common Access Card (CAC), which is an identification card used to gain access to different areas of the building.

As I enter my office to access my desktop computer, I log on using a pass code. I key my password using a QWERTY keyboard and the use of a mouse. My computer monitor is an LCD. By entering a combination of alpha and numeric information on the keyboard, I am able to gain access to the company’s network to begin the tasks of the day. The company uses cable for its high-speed Internet and has its Intranet (a form of private Internet) as its homepage. My computer has a CD drive and a USB drive. The operating system I use is XP. My desktop is arranged by file name and I have icons for various shortcuts, folders, and files that I have set up. I have organized my task bar to be located at the bottom of the window in a horizontal position. The printer in my office is a combination fax machine, scanning machine, and Xerox machine. It

is a laser printer and can produce both color and black and white copies.

Today, I did not bring lunch so I went to the ATM to withdraw some cash. To get access to the machine, I used my ATM card or bank card as it is sometimes called to get access to my account. Again, I keyed in a pass code on the bank’s numerical machine to gain access to my account.

Knowing how these machines work and gaining access is not difficult. Of course the use of these machines is important for daily production of everyday work related functions. The use of CAC’s prevents unauthorized entry of persons, as well as provides security for authorized personnel. All machines mentioned are easy to use and has made life much easier for me.


One Response to “Work and the Common Access Card”

  1. kim74 Says:

    I think that we are so busy that we don’t think about all the different ways we come into contact with computer hardware everyday. It has become “normal” for us to us so many different devises that years ago did not even exist. Everyday there is some new piece of technology that makes our lives easier. I may be dating myself, but I can remember when I could not imagine life without my VCR. Now there are DVDs, and you can even load movies onto your ipod. Technology has come a long way in such a short amount of time. Before long, we will have something else to replace all of these devises that we think we can not live without.

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